Eat Well, Feel Well, Be Well

I am so in love with Nutrition these days I can hardly stand it! Yes; it’s after midnight, & while the rest of the house is peacefully slumbering a sudden and gigantic “must write” wave washed over me, compelling me to rise from under the blankets, tiptoe-ing past my son sleeping on the hallway floor in the laundry pile to the computer:) ! I was laying in bed for some reason starting thinking back to my college days, & all the courses I took (and there were quite a few I would prefer to have skipped). Is it any wonder Nutrition & Maternal Child Health were my absolute favorites?  Some of you; my beloved readers might know that in addition to being a Nutrition nut, I am considering going back to school to finish pursuing my Midwifery dream/calling in a state where midwives attending home births are illegal!  And when am I considering it? Only RIGHT ON the heels of finishing Yoga Teacher school. What’s really been grappling me is whether I really want to stuff my head with more knowledge (2-4 years more)!……. Yes, I consider myself an eternal “student”, but not in the sense I want to go on puffing up the ego with endless degrees and certificates. But, I digress; because that’s another story for another day. 


It was such a subtle sweet memory bridging the past, present and future into the eternal NOW moment. One that affirmed positive thoughts like-

        “Yes, you are on the right path.” “You are doing what you came here to do.” “You are           fulfilling your purpose.” “You are doing and sharing what you love & you are so blessed.”

 Ah….. there is nothing like creative juicyness flowing. It never gets old. It’s ever fresh. And you know what else is best fresh? You guessed it, FOOD. Fresh, real, live, whole, food is what this body craves. Every single day I am thankful for the high quality Nutrition that I choose to put into my body. I know it is allowing me to live a vibrant, juicy, purpose-full life. A life full of health and happiness. And sharing it with others makes me ridiculously happy:)

Eat well. Feel well. Live well. Be well!!!!


The Total Wellness Super Shot


It’s time for a Total Wellness Super Shot my friends. Have you had yours today? I have always thought that creating “kitchen magic” held some special, sacred place in the book of life. Of course it goes back to my belief that Food is Love as all card carrying Italians know. I may have already shared this but I think I may have read Strega Nona too much as a kid (cackle). The neighbors still occasionally call, text, or show up with something or someone for me to bring my love of wellness and the alchemical transformative process to.



A recent flu run- in had me playing with potions again. Both the kids and hubby had not had just one, but two bouts with this high fever, headache, cough, body aches, etc. for days over the holiday months. I nursed all three of them back to health. Meanwhile, I kept taking all the usual suspects like I do for wellness, and I was beaming and a little that I had come through unscathed. And then, when I stopped super charging my immune system and I least expected, it hit me and it was time to step back, I mean lay down, & receive all the greatness and nurturing I had been pouring all over everybody else.

Honestly, it is kind of torture for this mom to be sick. I mean, it just isn’t practical for it to happen; but it does. When they bring me things- like water, fruit, medicine, or draw me a bath; I feel really silly. I am still working on being the one taken care of and not the one doing the caretaking!

So here it is. The Total Wellness Super Shot I came up with. Combine: purified water, 1 tbsp. organic liquid chlorophyll,  fresh ginger (diced), fresh squeezed lemon juice, a dash of lime juice, a dash of cayenne pepper, & a dash of himalayan pink salt or sea salt. You can serve with a lime or fruit chaser if need be, but all four of us take it raw. Easy peazy. I like to use World Organic liquid chlorophyll concentrate. You can vary the amount of water according to taste. I make a glass jar as a concentrate, refrigerate, then we pour that into a shot glass. Voila!- The Total Wellness Super Shot.

Cheers to your health! Forget about the flu shot, & all the terrible chemicals it’s laden with that will make you sicker than the actual flu:( Remember those drug companies want your $$$. They make no profit from your health. I just want you to share this blog with your friends, so they can be super healthy too!!!

Inch by Inch, Row by Row

Our garden, and all of Nature really; is one of the greatest teachers. She is always teaching about patience, humility, loving-kindness, self-awareness, sacrifice, truth, non-attachment, gentleness, and so many other wonderful things. What I am l learning from our garden, I simply missed out on during many years of the kind of education requiring tests and textbooks. This education is for life!!! 

Inch by inch, row by row; God bless these seeds I sow.

Those seeds that I sow in the garden of life exist on many different levels. First there is the physical level, the actual seeds which hopefully grow into the vegetables that we eat with gratitude and love and feed our family all summer long. Next there are the emotional seeds, the feelings which I choose to feel, feed, hold onto, prune, or let go of. Gotta pull those pesky weeds. I always have the power of choice……Then there are the thought seeds….. those affirmations in thought or prayer which co-create with intention not only how I perceive the world, but also have the power to change the fabric of the REALITY I live in for better or worse.

The first year we made all the rookie mistakes. Like needing to pot mint, and we are still learning from this three years later as you can see in the above picture! This year; our garden has taught me the importance of timing, neglect, and acceptance. With a busier schedule than usual, and travel; we have missed out on harvesting a few things that went past their “time”. They are feeding the smaller creatures, and eventually will go back to mother earth to be re-created again. We had two tomato plants which simply grew at random due to our use of compost. First, my husband wanted to pull them thinking they were weeds. Then, as they have grown HUGE I have not properly cared for them with the “climbers” they needed to thrive. And I don’t know about you, but I would much rather “thrive” than simply survive.

Am I willing to admit what I may be neglecting  in my life? And, am I also willing to simplify my life by letting things go when the plate is getting too full to properly care for and give everything the attention it deserves? Energy flows where attention goes. In the garden of life energy FLOWING is a beautiful thing. Now; balancing it, directing it, and mastering it…. that’s another post!

Oh yeah, and not being attached to the FRUITS of our labor!


A Day in the Life

Many folks ask me “WHAT CAN YOU EAT”? then, when I share that I am mostly vegan these days. Usually, this is preceded by some funny facial expressions that seem to imply that living and eating this way is restrictive, austere, and results in starving in some himalayan cave kind of situation. I have to cackle….. It just isn’t true. There is so much color, variety, and deliciousness to be found in this way of eating. I eat plenty, and I am packing a little winter buddha belly right now to prove it. Sometimes hiberating like a bear sounds very appealing in the cold season. I am getting that urge even though our NC weather is warm and throwing me off!

I am going to share a day in the life today. That’s right;  breakfast, lunch, & dinner beloveds. Some of my readers have been asking what a typical day is like, can you give me “whole meal” recipes?  Ask & you shall receive darlings.

Breakfast:  Mixed berry smoothie. Organic strawberries, blueberries, rasberries, & blackberries. All frozen because they are generally out of season. Chia seeds. Hemp seeds. A smidgeon of raw honey. A half cup of blueberry kefir. Water enough to cover berries. Dried garden lavender flowers. Calories- No need to count them.

Outing to Whole Paycheck for weekly food stuffs. Bishop must stop at the snack trough and proceed to charm them into the idea that two are better than one! All smiles over the super sale on organic oranges, & avocado’s. SCORE! Home with the booty, & out to the garden. Giddy like a child over the few random green onions growing, admist the mostly barren winter landscape. Must be from that compost……Nature is teasing me with her unpredictability.

Pause to munch some wild growing parsley by the side of the house; and back inside for lunch brigade. Feeling not only blessed…Tangible Abundance!!!!

Lunch: Black sesame rice crisps. Mango pineapple salsa. A sprout & grape tomato nest drizzled with lime juice. A handful of organic blueberries. Yummy in the tummy.

Afternoon Snack: almonds, cranberries, walnuts, rice flakes, & goji berry bits.

Dinner: Typical scenario. I need simple and scrumptious. Time is of the essence. This can be made in roughly the amount of time it takes to get fast food and it’s cheaper people! Spare yourself about a billion chemicals and additives. Black Bean Quesadillas are the answer. I start with a small amount of home-ade ghee (clarified butter), & add sprouted organic corn tortillas to skillet. I used organic black beans topped with some Daiya (vegan shredded cheese made with pea protien), cilantro, fresh jalapeno pepper diced, & a bit of red onion. I added some carrot to the skillet for about a minute, & used that to top the quesadillas then sprinkled with lime juice. Served with avocado mashed in the shell with lemon juice, salt, pepper. Garnish with gala apple wedges. I would usually serve this with salad, but tonight I chose not to.

Fridge to plate: 15 minutes or less. I am bursting to tell you- in many ways veggie life is far more efficient…….And I LOVE efficient.

LIFE IS GOOD!!!  How could it be otherwise?  We are meant to be bountiful, blissful, & beautiful!  Eat well, and suffering will diminish!

Nourishing New Year: Nori Rolls

Happy New Year Beloveds!

We all deserve to nourish our highest potential; allowing ourselves to unfold naturally with gentleness, and Grace. Nourishing our Spirit. Nourishing our Heart. Nourishing our Bodies. Perhaps we can begin with nourishing ourselves (the whole spectrum) of who we are and who we are becoming to the best of our ability. And that can be one baby step at a time. One positive choice or decision at a time. Maybe this will help us make that new years resolution list happen from an inner state of “aaaahh” instead of “ugghh”. Forgiving and letting go completely of 2011 & welcoming in the unlimited potential of 2012.

When it comes to nourishing the body; I have discovered that sea vedgetables are one of the most nourishing choices available. Most of the enzymatic functions in our bodies depend on minerals, and sea veggies are packing! ! Our soils have been depleted of almost all their minerals and the land veggies are not giving us what they did long ago. Enter Nori Rolls stage left.

I have been making Nori Rolls and my body just craves them now all the time!

Sea Vedgetable Benefits

*contain 10-20 X the minerals of land veggies.

* Gram for gram they contain more chelated, colloidal minerals than any other class of food (56 minerals and trace minerals)

* They are a great source of protien- up to 48% and it’s bio-available meaning more easily assimilated by humans and animals.

* Treat heart disease, cancer, hypertension, & thyroid issues.

* Contain vitamins A, B, C, & E; and VIt B-12 (making vegans very happy!)

* Some kelps like wakame & kombu have alginic acid which removes heavy metals and radioactive isotopes from the digestive tract and strontium 90 from the bones.  

I make them using silver grade organic pacific sushi nori. I dice up whatever veggies I happen to have on hand. Cucumbers, carrots, avocado, green onion, pepper, fresh ginger & radishes work well. I dab a small amount of fresh squeezed lemon and olive oil on the sheet of Nori (smooth side down). I arrange the veggies, and roll up, tucking the ends in as I go. You may need a bit more lemon juice to keep things sticky so the edges will stay together. I like to put a little wasabi (asian horseradish) in mine, or dip in a wasabi ginger vinegarette.

Here was the batch I made for New Years Eve- delicious!


xoxoxo OmKara Ma

Hibiscus for the Holidays

Winter holidays are in full swing, oral indulgences abundant. I can smell the freshly baked, chewy, sweet satisfaction. Self-control during this season can be ….. well….challenging.

I could eat everything in sight, & cook/bake until I collapse in a comfort food coma, then go on one big post-holiday cleanse. Or….I could indulge a bit, & cleanse as I go- skipping (maybe), singing kirtan (absolutely), skiing ( hey I can dream of upstate NY winters)!! Moderation is key, I think Buddha knew what he was talking about with the “middle way”.  Plus, I have a vitality toolbox to help me & I love sharing what’s in it with my readers. And it pairs well with every delicious, savory holiday bite! 

For those that have been following the liquids for Vitality, here is Liquid for Vitality #2!  Say hello to my little friend HIBISCUS WATER/TEA 

Names: Hibiscus Sabdariffa, Rosella.

Benefits: hypotensive (decreases blood pressure), diuretic (helps the kidneys), choleretic (decreases cholesterol, febrifungal (prevents and can treats infection), immune boosting (fights and prevents colds), normalizes blood sugar, regulates metabolism, reduces overweight, reduces fatty acid deposits in the arteries, reduces risk of heart disease, can treat dandruff if applied to the scalp, prevents bladder infection, reduces constipation.

Qualities: rich in Vitamin C, vibrant natural red color, caffeine free, tart cranberry like flavor, all parts of the plant are valuable in native medicine.

Here’s how to make it Darlings. You will need dried Hibiscus, organic if you can. I use it loose-y goose-y. 

1 Tablespoon per 1 Quart of Water. The more pure your water; the better your brew.

Beloveds, some like it hot and some like it cold. Boil water if you want it hot, and then add the hibiscus and steep like any other tea. Add raw honey, agave nectar, or stevia to sweeten as you like it.  I add it directly to room temp water, & chill in the fridge for a few hours.

When it is ready, the brew will be a lovely dark red/crimson color! I offer it to Lord Ganesha, the elephant headed Vedic deity (the remover of obstacles) because it is sacred to him. You need not be Hindu, nor will you turn into one if you enjoy this drink; it is used by many of the native cultures all over the world!!

OM GAM GANAPATAYE NAMAH!! (repeat 108 X for maximum benefit)

OM- Salutations! Wake up!

GAM- the “seed syllable” bija mantra for Ganesh

GANAPATAYE- another name for Ganesh

NAMAHA- You are God!

ૐ OmKara Ma

Blueberry Lavender Smoothie

I have added Kefir to Rainbow Light Nutrition, & the whole family is loving it! My intuition was telling me that we needed to add more fermented foods to our yogic diet. Today, my son asked for a smoothie (he calls it “Foon-ee”) for lunch, so I made a Blueberry Lavender smoothie with it – YUM! I used an organic kefir, & then added frozen blackberries, blueberries, a bit of agave nectar, hempseed, & dried lavender flowers from our garden. If I wanted to add a superfood, I would probably add some goji berry powder, today I kept it simple.


I will offer some Kefir basics, please do your research if you want more detailed info. I am still in the process of finding the right fit in someone to provide me with Kefir grains, as I would prefer to make my own. If anybody has a good source, by all means pass it along. For now, I have found an organic variety from the store that works.

What is Kefir? It is one of the oldest cultured milks, & has been called the champagne of milk. It contains several species of lactic cultures using active Kefir grains plus Kefir cultures.  Kefir grain is not a true grain ; but a culture that is a combination of yeast & bacteria. It can be made with milk, goats milk, soy milk, & vegan (using water grains called japanese water crystals) without any dairy.

Why is it beneficial? It restores the intestinal flora from people recovering from many different serious illnesses, or from the treatment of anti-biotics. It provides many minerals & important amino acids. It is a great source of Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, B1, B12, Vit K, & biotin. All of these provide synergistic healing and maintenance for the body. It is also pre-digested which means that it is tolerated well even by those who are lactose intolerant.

What illnesses does it help treat? Cancer, AIDS, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome, allergies, colitis, herpes, leaky gut, immune disorders, ADHD, depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, & more.

The Cultures in Kefir Lactococcuslactis subsp., Leuconostocsubsp., Streptococcus thermophiles, Lactobacillus subsp.,  L. casei, L. plantarum, L. rhamnosus, B. bacterium,  and others.

The difference between Kefir & yogurt- Most yogurts today are  “pseudo-yogurts”. They contain all kinds of added sugars, artificial sugars, hormones and anti-biotics, not to mention most only contain one type of pro-biotic culture. Kefir contains a variety of cultures without the rest of that garbage. 

I think this Kefir is going to be an easy one!! Now I just have to learn how to make it!

As always, Cheers to your pristine health- Body, Mind & Spirit!