Remembering Food IS Love

Wow. Talk about ecstatic to be beginning my adventure into food blogsville!!  I am so ready, willing, and able to have fun, be spontaneous, and learn and help learn as it relates to living a healthy, happy, & holy life!!! I am gitty at the thought of so many of my passions intersecting right now; conscious holistic nutrition, photography, & writing to name a few. I feel incredibly blessed to be able to share and contribute ideas and possibilities on how to actually LIVE honoring and loving yourself and those around you by getting down to basics:pure food and pure water.  Without this foundation, you haven’t a healthy physical temple with which to explore your existence; so it is no wonder the Divine Mother has said directly ” Health is among the greatest of all Wealths.”

So how do we remember that Food IS Love? Here are some quick simple hints that have been tremendously helpful in my journey.

#1.) Remember that the food is Alivejust like you.  That is why when you eat food that is Alive (fruits, veggies), you feel an increase in energy (Love); and why when you eat dead food (more on that later), you feel sluggish, fatigued, depressed, heavy, etc. I won’t even go into the water yet; since it is deserves at least one entire post for itself.  So pay attention to how different foods make you feel in your body. Listen to your body. Be willing to try making changes based on the messages and signals your body is sharing with you.

#2.) Enjoy the sensory experience of your food to the fullest! Notice how it feels to taste each bite. Chew mindfully. Eat slower. Take a moment to really smell your food and revel in it’s deliciousness. Journey into all the amazing colors of your food. Savor all the sensations. Allow yourself to eat before you become so hungry you want to ravage through your meal like a lion.

#3.) Take a moment to give thanks and feel reverence for That which nurtures and sustains you. Personally, I bless everything before I eat it. Your prayers can be the most simple, humble thank you;  to the most elaborate mantras. By feeling gratitude, you can enter into Love, & truly commune with your food. It is like pouring God into God………..

#4.) Cleanse and detoxify your temple.  There are amazing tools to assist you in this process  available these days, become a researcher  and conduct experiments!! You will be amazed at the physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual benefits. Consider fasting, even if it’s one meal, once a week.  The truth is that any vitamin, mineral, enzyme, or anything of high nutritional value you take in will be of no benefit to you, until you let go that which is taking up habitat where it doesn’t belong.  You have nothing to lose except unwanted pounds, inches, habits, and “stuff” that is gumming up the works & holding you back from living your highest potential. When you take out your garbage, it is easier to remember Food Is Love. This is a vast subject I will expand on more later & give more detailed suggestions. The lesson is “Let go, & let God.”

#5.) Make it nice and pretty. Yes, I’m for real about this one and it can be extremely fun. By digging the aesthetics of your food, and how it is arranged on your plate, you might be amazed the effect this can have on how you think of and experience your food. Get silly. Be like a little kid & make a smiley face.  Mix shapes and colors. Be creative!

#6.) Give it away. This one brings me to tears at times. There are so many folks who don’t have enough food; let alone conscious, holistic, or organic food.  Donate to local food drives. Tithe to organizations who can mobilize food directly to the neediest. Make something or bring what you have leftover to your neighbors. Your own neighborhood is a fabulous place to start. Serve food at a shelter. If you do this, you will never forget that Food IS Love. I promise.

Hopefully, this has given you some food for thought…. I mean….. LOVE!!!

In Sanskrit, the word for food is Anna. The word for full is Purna. The word for Love is Prema. So…………… Annapurna Prema (Food is Full of Love)!!!

With so very much Love,

OmKaRa Ma


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