Mango Peach Peace Lassi

I was getting asked for recipes all the time; & realized I needed a way to share with the world some kitchen love without time consuming handwriting or emailing.  Not to mention I am an Italian/Irish mama; so I hardly ever rely on recipes!! I store these things in the recipe box in my heart.

Most of the time what I make I call kitchen magic.  What I do is consider everything a co-creation with Spirit in the sense that I let go, love, laugh, play, & mix together what I have on hand. I am not afraid to try and have something be a flop. My patty pan squash the other night is a great example of a flop!!! I also get a thrill taking other recipes and giving them a little “tweakage”. My kids are by far my biggest critics, & my hubby is my biggest fan. Some of my best dishes involve drumming, dancing, chanting, or singing in my kitchen as I am making them.

So here goes my first recipe blog share. I’m going to do these from time to time, although I am not  going to give away the farm so to speak, because I have started writing my first book, & it’s a collection of recipes! Summer is fruit-tastic, and makes me want more smoothies, fresh fruit, & cold drinks! Lately, I have been making mango peach lassi’s and they are a hit with the whole family.


1 – 2 whole organic peaches (sliced)- fresh or frozen

1 -2 cups mango- fresh or frozen

1/2  pint organic yogurt

2 Tbs raw sugar, or 2 Tbs raw honey

2 cups almond or coconut milk

1 tsp pure vanilla extract

cinnamon to taste

nutmeg to taste

shredded organic coconut to garnish

Put all items into a blender, & blend away!  I like to use the frozen fruit so that ice isn’t neccessary.  You can add ice to reach desired consistency. You can also substitute water for the milk, or use your preferred type of milk. Add the whipped cream on top, garnish with the coconut & voila! Enjoy. Serves 1-3 depending on how much fruit you use.


1 cup heavy whipping cream (I like local and rbgH free)

2-3 TBS of raw sugar

Using an electric mixer on lowest setting, add the whipping cream to a metal bowl with the sugar, & mix for a couple minutes. Then slowly increase the speed until you have a fluffy cream.  The more fat content of your cream, the more bubbles you will get, the more fluffy it will be. One cup of cream makes 2 cups.

As Strega Nona says “The ingrediente secreto is Love. Always Love.”


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