Fondness for Freedom….Cake

I am mildly obsessed with freedom. It’s one of my favorite words.  A freedom-full life is one of the most appealing, joy producing, juicy, invigorating, energizing, expansive, ideas in the universe to me! So last year, when I couldn’t think what in the world to make on July 4, I started this tradition I call “Freedom Cake”.  This is no ordinary cake, even though I know it appears that way. I make it thinking and feeling all of the things I would like to experience freedom around during that time.  It symbolizes the very idea of freedom!

What does freedom mean to you? What does it look like? What would you like to be free from? 

Freedom from fear? Freedom from limiting beliefs? Freedom from negative thought patterns? Freedom to be wild? Freedom to express authentic emotions? Freedom from guilt? Freedom from depression? Freedom to do and be what you want when you want to? Freedom to act like a child anytime and not be punished? Freedom to go as fast or as slow as you like on your life’s journey? Freedom to have access to pure food and water, shelter, healthcare, & education? Freedom from fear mongering? Freedom to be wholly yourself without being pushed, dominated, or forced into trying to Be more? Freedom from addictions? Freedom from being addicted to your emotions? Freedom to travel anywhere you want at the speed of thought? Freedom from judgement? Freedom from people pleasing? Freedom from feeling not good enough? Freedom from self-doubt? Freedom to love whoever you want whenever you want, however you want? Freedom from the need to control? Freedom from the desire to be right? Freedom from sloth, pride, greed, anger, envy, lust? Freedom from the thought that you are separate, better or worse than any other Being?

Physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually we can search for or experience freedom. Freedom occurs on many levels & they all ROCK THE HOUSE! So whatever freedom is to you; you are amazing, you are so deserving and totally worth it!

This years  annual freedom cake tasted especially sweet. All those strawberries & blueberries exploding like little red and blue fireworks in our mouths. Nectarean, creamy, milky, bliss in the form of white fluffy scratch made whipped cream. Deliciously moist, rich, crumbly, & heavy vanilla pound cake….. Mmmmmmmm. Free. (from guilt!!!!)


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