Hot Stuff!!! At Home Remedies for all Ages

My son Bishop’s recent high fever (greater than 103 degrees), has inspired this post to share how to reduce fevers & handle infections at home safely, & effectively without costly trips to the Doc. This is his second fever ever and he is two years old ! We don’t have health insurance like millions of other Americans, and we have lived without it going on two years now! It has saved us many thousands of dollars; by and large we don’t “sweat” it because we have our own at home health assurance.  This involves relying on & utilizing a synergistic blend of wise women’s healing (still used by all the indiginous cultures of our planet), faith healing, the power of prayer & mantra, homeopathics,  & the principles of ayurvedic medicine “the science of life”, which are more ancient & holistic than allopathic medicine. Truly, it is the Divine Mother Herself who is the ultimate physician; she heals and nurtures us back to optimal health with HER LOVE & GRACE!!!

On occasion, we get out of balance, and we reach for the remedies we can prepare and use at home before taking a trip to what I call “Big Pharma Central.” I say this with gentle laughter, because we thank god for modern medicine at times when it is really needed, & during those times we consider it a blessing. However, most of the time it does more harm than good in this day & age. This requires a great deal of balance, & intuition to know when it is or is not neccessary. It is amazing that I can handle at home for maybe $10-$15 (for several bouts of illness), what would cost me well over $100 at the Dr, one trip only.  I know this means we don’t follow the herd when it comes to our health; & people are sometimes surprised to find out I was a Nurse & now stay as far away from western medicine as possible. So why would a retired Nurse avoid the Dr.?/!  Our alternative approach was born out experience alone.

When we go to the Dr., antibiotics are often prescribed, and the problem is that they kill all of the beneficial bacteria lining our digestive tract. Thus, they kill the enemies, but they knock off all the allies along with them. Often when we jump to treat our pains, fever, & other ailments with antibiotics we rob ourselves of the opportunity to strengthen our own immune system leading to better health & increased protection from dis-ease in the future. It’s as if we want to remove and erase immediately the message that the pain or dis-ease is trying to tell us, rather than going through the pain, receiving the message, & becoming stronger for it. The more we use antibiotics the more the bacteria mutate, & become resistant which means more & more antibiotics. Hmmmm….. This means: more money lining Big Pharma’s coffers, the bugs get smarter, & we get weaker as a species, & also dis-empowered.

My often called “crunchy” approach proves itself time and again to work for our family of four with one income & no health insurance! So…. if you find yourself needing anti-biotics, you can really help yourself by putting back the healthy bacteria into your system.  Simply, use a pro-biotic both during and afterwards! You can get them in capsule or liquid form in many health food stores. 

At Home Fever Reducer’s & Anti- Biotics/Anti-Viral Remedies

1.) Salt baths– 1-2 cups Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) added to a cool bath. Soak for 30 minutes, or as long as a little one will allow. Try & keep as much of your body under the water as possible. For my toddler who wouldn’t lay down, I just continuously poured the water over his body with a small bucket. This will draw all the toxins out, purifying the whole body!

2.) Medicine tea– Boil 1/2-1 gallon of filtered water, a few tbsp of tulasi leaves (holy basil),  2 tbsp grated fresh ginger root, & 2 tbsp cardomom. Remove from heat after boil, & let steep for 30 minutes or so. Serve warm, add milk & honey if desired or refridgerate overnight & drink as an iced brew.

3.) Cold Compresses with Essential oils– Wet a washcloth with cold water & add a few drops of essential oils. I usually lightly rinse & ring out. Then apply to the entire body as a sponge bath, followed by compress to the forehead, feet, etc. My favorite oils for fever/infections are: tea tree, lemon, rosemary, sage, lavender, eucalytus, & thyme.

4.) Sandalwood paste– Mix a few tsp sandalwood powder with a little water until it forms a paste. Apply paste to the forehead and/or feet. Sandalwood sanctifies, & is highly purifying, cooling, & soothing.

5.) Herbal tinctures– My favorites for fever/infection are: Echinacea, Tulasi, ElderFlower, Yarrow, Peppermint, Goldenseal, & Chamomile. The tinctures can be prepared with dried or fresh herbs in a base; either alcohol or non-alcohol, or can be purchased as simples (one herb only), or in combinations at health food stores or online. I personally use the combo’s, because I like how they synergistically blend together. I also use simples like Echinacea on  though, especially during cold/flu season.

6.) Colloidal Silver- Silver is the universal anti-biotic,  & anti-viral.  It is incredibly effective at treating so many problems without all the side effects of pharmaceutical drugs. I reserve this for when we have something pretty icky because it is powerfully potent stuff!

Love & Blessings for your continued Health, Freedom, Happiness & Peace!!!!

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Image via Wikipedia- Echinacea flower

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4 thoughts on “Hot Stuff!!! At Home Remedies for all Ages

  1. These are wonderful. Definitely saving these tips for future illness. I avoid antibiotics if I can – have not taken them for five years now, so appreciate all the great tips!!

  2. Weelll. Scratch that now. Due to necritizing fasciaitis (sp?) or flesh eating bacteria, I have taken a kaleidoscope of antibiotics in the last week. Trying to get back natural soon! 🙂

  3. Shiva- There are exceptions……sounds like you are experiencing such a one. You will get back! My son is on anti’s right now too; I may not like it yet I know whatever I resist persists.

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