Green Goddess Smoothie

Green Goddess ingredients

The swiss chard in our garden Is looking gorgeous. The last of what’s left of the summer garden until the late fall stuff gets going. Almost so pretty it’s hard to pluck it for smoothie time!……The Green Goddess knows that when what she desires is also amazingly positive for her vitality and energy, it’s a win-win.

Thanks swiss chard for inspiring the latest Green Goddess Smoothie today, you are loved and appreciated.  I am making steady progress on the smoothie book some of you know I’ve been working on, & can’t wait for the opportunity to share all the recipes I’ve been experimenting with over the last couple years.

Now for the recipe- my brothers and sisters who appreciate those incredible little hydrogen bubbles, pure energy, & juicy green goddess greatness…..

Green Goddess Smoothie

(all ingredients are organic & fresh, unless indicated)

1/4 green bell pepper

1 stalk- celery

handful- green grapes

1 kiwi- chunked

1/2 cup- cilantro

1 handful- mixed dark leafy greens(* I used swiss chard, kale, & red leaf lettuce today.  Spinach is awesome too!)

1 tbsp- shelled hempseed

1tbsp -chia seeds

1 red radish- sliced

1/2 cup 100% Litchi juice

1tsp. bee pollen


filtered water

Blend, serve, enjoy the green energy! Hemp seed and chia seeds can be found online or in health food stores. Use caution with bee pollen if you are not sure about allergies. It is one of the most ancient and nutrient dense foods on this planet, which I will elaborate on in a future post. Try a few granules first, and work up to a tsp. or more if it’s new to you.



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