The Six Liquids of Vitality

What is the difference between try and triumph?  A little umphh!!!  Staying determined to keep climbing the ladder of vitality in a world that is polluted & an elite 1% seek to control & suffer the other 99%’s food chain, destroy the planet’s ecological balance, & horde resources  is no easy feat. I feel like I have been beating this drum for years, & now how joyous the world is awakening & Occupy Wall Street is bringing much needed demonstration to the Truth that WE have had enough!! The journey to a juicy purpose-filled life has not been fast or easy, but it IS possible. There are ways to sidestep the nutrition traps, & take care of yourself from the inside out. I get an image of a lotus when I think about this b/c the lotus grows so beautifully, even though it’s environment is the mud pond!  One step at a time. We will prevail and have more vitality, abundance, & happiness than we can yet dream of my beloved brothers and sisters!

I feel inspired to share the wisdom of Dr. Cassar of ESP (Earth Shift Products). I have watched many of his video’s recently, & he is confirming, encouraging, intelligent balanced with intuition & his own experience, & sharing some fantastic tools and ideas about vitality.

 I started on the SAD (standard american diet) & had many dis-eases to show for it, then slowly over the last eight years woke up & found the way to higher states of health. Mentors and teachers have played an important role in guiding me gently along. Dr. Cassar is the latest- he is a spiritualist, toxicologist & chiropractor from Hawaii, & I just can’t put into words how genius I think he is on so many levels!!

So that little umph I mentioned can be assisted with the Six Liquids of Vitality. A kind of rocket fuel for the golden age when it comes to feeding the body, mind, & spirit. Not only do they super boost the immune system, but they are detoxifiers, intestinal cleansers, plaque dissolvers, & purifiers. They are food for the brain! They are like supercharged elixer’s for vitality & longevity & they are pretty simple to make. They help you attract, store, & radiate high vibrational energy. I was so excited because I had already intuitively been led to a few of them, & some were an opportunity to take things to whole new level! 

So stay tuned because the next several posts will be dedicated to these 6 incredible liquids, and I will try and share one a week with you all! So get ready to drink to your highest health, happiness, & holiness!

Here is the link to Dr. Cassar’s you tube video that gives a fantastic overview of the six liquids. I will go into more details & share pictures of my home made tonics and my experiences with them in the coming weeks!!

All the light, strength & power of the sun & the loving coolness of the moon are yours because they are inside you! You are a Being of Divine Perfection! Cheers to your highest health!! Blessed Be!

xoxo OmKaRa Ma


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