Letting Go of Expectations

I am giving myself permission to expand, and delve into some topics that have been on my mind & heart. This is supposed to be about Soul nutrition, & that goes way beyond FOOD, although food is still one of my favorite topics.  There will continue to be recipes, tips, etc. coming your way. I simply want to open the heart of this blog, & make more space for That which wants to be expressed to come forth and share the energy of LOVE, PEACE, & JOY,  that is our true nature. 

Sometimes we get so involved in making our plans & having expectations that we forget that we are not the One driving the bus. We may not be able to see the whole picture & why something may seem to be taking so long, suddenly change directions, or no longer work when we least expect it. Because there is a greater Whole that is being served, it’s not always for me to know how the pieces of the cosmic puzzle fit together even though I can get bent on figuring it all out! We are Human-iversal, & that means accepting our role without always understanding all the other roles. I feel like Spirit/God/Goddess (whatever name you are comfortable with) has been reminding me lately to take a seat and enjoy the ride rather than trying to make such an effort. I used to set incredibly high expectations for myself, & for others & this often resulted in disappointment & unrealistic perfectionism.  I was 90% self- effort, & 10% trust in the universe, when it came to allowing things to unfold and accepting them as they are. There was also a tremendous waste of energy trying to force things to go a certain way. Then I went through a time where I wondered whether it was human to have ANY expectations at all. I mean, was it okay to expect anything of anybody I was in relationships with? If someone said they would do something, was it wrong to expect they would?

Awhile later, I decided maybe I could try putting forth 10% self effort & 90% trust in the universe. Easier said than done. I came to realize that some expectations were a necessity to human relationships, the key in my experience was in the attachment to the results. I am discovering little by little being at peace is more important to me than being right.  Anotherwards, I have to let go, forgive, & not give away my serenity when an expectation isn’t met.  Letting go, forgiveness, & unconditional love seem to be important for this process. I’m still going through this process, and it is moving along at roughly a snails pace. But I am seeing progress, not only in myself, but in my family, friends, & globally which gives me hope.

I am going to keep my expectations low, & my acceptance high for now. I’m happy and content with the progress to 75% trust, 25% self effort on a good day. I’ll let you know how that goes.  If you feel afraid of going in a new direction, or letting a system or relationship that is no longer working end, or stepping up when you want to shrink back, feel the fear and go on and do it anyway!!

Om Shanti (Peace), Prema (Love), & Bliss (Ananda) to All……


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