Hibiscus for the Holidays

Winter holidays are in full swing, oral indulgences abundant. I can smell the freshly baked, chewy, sweet satisfaction. Self-control during this season can be ….. well….challenging.

I could eat everything in sight, & cook/bake until I collapse in a comfort food coma, then go on one big post-holiday cleanse. Or….I could indulge a bit, & cleanse as I go- skipping (maybe), singing kirtan (absolutely), skiing ( hey I can dream of upstate NY winters)!! Moderation is key, I think Buddha knew what he was talking about with the “middle way”.  Plus, I have a vitality toolbox to help me & I love sharing what’s in it with my readers. And it pairs well with every delicious, savory holiday bite! 

For those that have been following the liquids for Vitality, here is Liquid for Vitality #2!  Say hello to my little friend HIBISCUS WATER/TEA 

Names: Hibiscus Sabdariffa, Rosella.

Benefits: hypotensive (decreases blood pressure), diuretic (helps the kidneys), choleretic (decreases cholesterol, febrifungal (prevents and can treats infection), immune boosting (fights and prevents colds), normalizes blood sugar, regulates metabolism, reduces overweight, reduces fatty acid deposits in the arteries, reduces risk of heart disease, can treat dandruff if applied to the scalp, prevents bladder infection, reduces constipation.

Qualities: rich in Vitamin C, vibrant natural red color, caffeine free, tart cranberry like flavor, all parts of the plant are valuable in native medicine.

Here’s how to make it Darlings. You will need dried Hibiscus, organic if you can. I use it loose-y goose-y. 

1 Tablespoon per 1 Quart of Water. The more pure your water; the better your brew.

Beloveds, some like it hot and some like it cold. Boil water if you want it hot, and then add the hibiscus and steep like any other tea. Add raw honey, agave nectar, or stevia to sweeten as you like it.  I add it directly to room temp water, & chill in the fridge for a few hours.

When it is ready, the brew will be a lovely dark red/crimson color! I offer it to Lord Ganesha, the elephant headed Vedic deity (the remover of obstacles) because it is sacred to him. You need not be Hindu, nor will you turn into one if you enjoy this drink; it is used by many of the native cultures all over the world!!

OM GAM GANAPATAYE NAMAH!! (repeat 108 X for maximum benefit)

OM- Salutations! Wake up!

GAM- the “seed syllable” bija mantra for Ganesh

GANAPATAYE- another name for Ganesh

NAMAHA- You are God!

ૐ OmKara Ma


2 thoughts on “Hibiscus for the Holidays

  1. I love the loose-y, goose-y ness of this recipe. I love the Hindu chant which accompanies it. I love the vibrancy of the photos and being called Darling and Beloved. Such a nice Gift just in time for the holidays!

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