Nourishing New Year: Nori Rolls

Happy New Year Beloveds!

We all deserve to nourish our highest potential; allowing ourselves to unfold naturally with gentleness, and Grace. Nourishing our Spirit. Nourishing our Heart. Nourishing our Bodies. Perhaps we can begin with nourishing ourselves (the whole spectrum) of who we are and who we are becoming to the best of our ability. And that can be one baby step at a time. One positive choice or decision at a time. Maybe this will help us make that new years resolution list happen from an inner state of “aaaahh” instead of “ugghh”. Forgiving and letting go completely of 2011 & welcoming in the unlimited potential of 2012.

When it comes to nourishing the body; I have discovered that sea vedgetables are one of the most nourishing choices available. Most of the enzymatic functions in our bodies depend on minerals, and sea veggies are packing! ! Our soils have been depleted of almost all their minerals and the land veggies are not giving us what they did long ago. Enter Nori Rolls stage left.

I have been making Nori Rolls and my body just craves them now all the time!

Sea Vedgetable Benefits

*contain 10-20 X the minerals of land veggies.

* Gram for gram they contain more chelated, colloidal minerals than any other class of food (56 minerals and trace minerals)

* They are a great source of protien- up to 48% and it’s bio-available meaning more easily assimilated by humans and animals.

* Treat heart disease, cancer, hypertension, & thyroid issues.

* Contain vitamins A, B, C, & E; and VIt B-12 (making vegans very happy!)

* Some kelps like wakame & kombu have alginic acid which removes heavy metals and radioactive isotopes from the digestive tract and strontium 90 from the bones.  

I make them using silver grade organic pacific sushi nori. I dice up whatever veggies I happen to have on hand. Cucumbers, carrots, avocado, green onion, pepper, fresh ginger & radishes work well. I dab a small amount of fresh squeezed lemon and olive oil on the sheet of Nori (smooth side down). I arrange the veggies, and roll up, tucking the ends in as I go. You may need a bit more lemon juice to keep things sticky so the edges will stay together. I like to put a little wasabi (asian horseradish) in mine, or dip in a wasabi ginger vinegarette.

Here was the batch I made for New Years Eve- delicious!


xoxoxo OmKara Ma


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