Eat Well, Feel Well, Be Well

I am so in love with Nutrition these days I can hardly stand it! Yes; it’s after midnight, & while the rest of the house is peacefully slumbering a sudden and gigantic “must write” wave washed over me, compelling me to rise from under the blankets, tiptoe-ing past my son sleeping on the hallway floor in the laundry pile to the computer:) ! I was laying in bed for some reason starting thinking back to my college days, & all the courses I took (and there were quite a few I would prefer to have skipped). Is it any wonder Nutrition & Maternal Child Health were my absolute favorites?  Some of you; my beloved readers might know that in addition to being a Nutrition nut, I am considering going back to school to finish pursuing my Midwifery dream/calling in a state where midwives attending home births are illegal!  And when am I considering it? Only RIGHT ON the heels of finishing Yoga Teacher school. What’s really been grappling me is whether I really want to stuff my head with more knowledge (2-4 years more)!……. Yes, I consider myself an eternal “student”, but not in the sense I want to go on puffing up the ego with endless degrees and certificates. But, I digress; because that’s another story for another day. 


It was such a subtle sweet memory bridging the past, present and future into the eternal NOW moment. One that affirmed positive thoughts like-

        “Yes, you are on the right path.” “You are doing what you came here to do.” “You are           fulfilling your purpose.” “You are doing and sharing what you love & you are so blessed.”

 Ah….. there is nothing like creative juicyness flowing. It never gets old. It’s ever fresh. And you know what else is best fresh? You guessed it, FOOD. Fresh, real, live, whole, food is what this body craves. Every single day I am thankful for the high quality Nutrition that I choose to put into my body. I know it is allowing me to live a vibrant, juicy, purpose-full life. A life full of health and happiness. And sharing it with others makes me ridiculously happy:)

Eat well. Feel well. Live well. Be well!!!!