Hibiscus for the Holidays

Winter holidays are in full swing, oral indulgences abundant. I can smell the freshly baked, chewy, sweet satisfaction. Self-control during this season can be ….. well….challenging.

I could eat everything in sight, & cook/bake until I collapse in a comfort food coma, then go on one big post-holiday cleanse. Or….I could indulge a bit, & cleanse as I go- skipping (maybe), singing kirtan (absolutely), skiing ( hey I can dream of upstate NY winters)!! Moderation is key, I think Buddha knew what he was talking about with the “middle way”.  Plus, I have a vitality toolbox to help me & I love sharing what’s in it with my readers. And it pairs well with every delicious, savory holiday bite! 

For those that have been following the liquids for Vitality, here is Liquid for Vitality #2!  Say hello to my little friend HIBISCUS WATER/TEA 

Names: Hibiscus Sabdariffa, Rosella.

Benefits: hypotensive (decreases blood pressure), diuretic (helps the kidneys), choleretic (decreases cholesterol, febrifungal (prevents and can treats infection), immune boosting (fights and prevents colds), normalizes blood sugar, regulates metabolism, reduces overweight, reduces fatty acid deposits in the arteries, reduces risk of heart disease, can treat dandruff if applied to the scalp, prevents bladder infection, reduces constipation.

Qualities: rich in Vitamin C, vibrant natural red color, caffeine free, tart cranberry like flavor, all parts of the plant are valuable in native medicine.

Here’s how to make it Darlings. You will need dried Hibiscus, organic if you can. I use it loose-y goose-y. 

1 Tablespoon per 1 Quart of Water. The more pure your water; the better your brew.

Beloveds, some like it hot and some like it cold. Boil water if you want it hot, and then add the hibiscus and steep like any other tea. Add raw honey, agave nectar, or stevia to sweeten as you like it.  I add it directly to room temp water, & chill in the fridge for a few hours.

When it is ready, the brew will be a lovely dark red/crimson color! I offer it to Lord Ganesha, the elephant headed Vedic deity (the remover of obstacles) because it is sacred to him. You need not be Hindu, nor will you turn into one if you enjoy this drink; it is used by many of the native cultures all over the world!!

OM GAM GANAPATAYE NAMAH!! (repeat 108 X for maximum benefit)

OM- Salutations! Wake up!

GAM- the “seed syllable” bija mantra for Ganesh

GANAPATAYE- another name for Ganesh

NAMAHA- You are God!

ૐ OmKara Ma


Conscious Eating- How to Get Started……

Do we know what’s in our food? Do we care what’s in our food? Is what we eat contributing to our sense of well being? Are our energetic needs being met, & do we feel satisfaction with the state of health of our bodies? Do we enjoy nourishing ourselves in a non-addictive, healthy balanced way?  Do we have dis-eases that are the result of eating “dead” food, polluted food, contaminated water, or eating in non-serving ways?  

I believe we are what we eat; and I want to share the things I did when I awakened into conscious eating getting started on my spiritual nutrition journey.

1.) I realized it was going to take a commitment to an overall “shift” in lifestyle to attain the goals, feelings, body, and state of health I desired.  Nothing “quick fix oriented” was going to work even though my western mind hoped that would be the case. I had to be willing to do the work to change my whole way of eating and living to produce lasting change, satisfaction, & the kind of vibrancy I was seeking.

2.) Get rid of the microwave. The microwave is extremely dangerous for your health, and causes all kinds of cancers. When you eat food that has been heated in a microwave, you are eating “dead” food. The microwaves kill anything living, all the enzymes, every beneficial nutrient in your food. No exceptions.  Say goodbye to all frozen TV dinner style meals- they will do nothing except rob you of your health & vitality no matter what Jenny Craig says or Lean Cuisine says.

3.) Open your fridge & take stock. Any labels that have more than a handful of ingredients or anything you need a degree to understand, is probably devastating to your health. Look for things like colors and numbers together (food dyes),

4.) Beware of artificial sweetners- they are hazardous to your health. High fructose corn syrup destroy’s health. They keep trying to rename the stuff so that we will buy an old dog dressed up in a new suit. Also try and eliminate white (bleached) sugar.  Please do your own research. Do not simply take my word for it. There

is plenty of material out there that explores the consequences and reasons why artificial sweetners such as aspartame and splenda are not health foods. Yes, that means diet soda pop & all sorts of different processed foods. You can replace the above with raw honey, raw agave syrup,  maple syrup, or stevia. These are more natural alternatives which won’t destroy your health in reasonable quantities. All your baked goods can be made substituting these items for the other stuff, & they are great in everything; even smoothies!

5.) Open your pantry and take stock. All those boxes of processed foods: cereal, cakes, cookies, donuts, sweets, snacks, pretzels, are almost all laden with preservatives, additives, GMO’s, (genetically modified ingredients), high fructose corn syrup, dyes, MSG, & harmful chemicals making them “dead food” in that they don’t contribute to your health in any way.  There are zero nutrients in them. Sugar, salt, & fat along with above said toxins send your body into the “craving” state trying to adjust to the fact they are foreign to the body’s natural state of perfection. This addicts you to these foods with your brain thinking you need more and more. Search and eliminate!!!

6.) Withdraw your support from fast food chains. All of this food, is “dead” food. There is nothing in it that will nourish you into a state of health whatsoever. Your body goes into a state of shock every time you eat this stuff. You are eating the “thought forms” of who packages, cooks, and handles your food.  This may lead to many disturbances in your mind and emotions. The food has no love in it, as it is produced only with $$ (profit) in mind. So it is with all restaurants. So, try cutting down on all eating out. Eat at home either preparing the food yourself, or eat what is prepared by someone with love who loves YOU.

6.) Understand that you will experience a “detox” if you are used to eating in non serving ways. Your body, in it’s infinate wisdom will work to heal, cleanse, and respond by going to work rapidly ridding your body of all it’s toxins as you begin to make changes. In just three days, your body can do an incredible amount of healing and regeneration on the cellular level. Your digestive system might experience issues. You may have energy fluctuations, headaches, diarrhea, colds/flu like symptoms, strange tastes like metals in your mouth, etc. Do not be frightened by this. It is simply your body “detoxing” and will pass! Cravings shall pass. This too shall pass……

7.) Go organic!!! GO ORGANIC!!! GO ORGANIC!!  Even more ideal is local & organic. As often as possible, replace conventional fruits & vegetables with organics and look for local

Official seal of the National Organic Program
fruits and vegetables as often as possible. The reason the conventional fruits and veggies less than ideal is because they contain a huge amount of chemicals- insecticides, pesticides, herbicides, and so on. The food with the very highest of all vibration is that which is grown, cared for, loved, and eaten by the ones growing it. Makes sense doesn’t it? Hmmmmm….  It is like pouring God into GOd.

8.)  If you are a meat eater, consider consuming less meat.  Consider eliminating meat from your diet, even if it’s a certain number of meals/ per week. Meat includes beef, poultry, wild game, pork, fish, &

seafood. It is toxic, regardless of the source- land or sea.  One of the biggest issues with meat is the effects of the growth hormones and antibiotics being given to all the factory farmed animals. This is extremely concerning and has vast consequences on our health and our children’s health. Watch Food Inc. & it may change your perspective.  I could devote several posts just to this one issue which would solve so many of our worlds problems, but I’ll keep moving on……

9.) Drink plenty of purified, filtered, or natural spring water (half your weight in oz/ per day, or at least 6-8 glasses). So many of us are drinking contaminated water and don’t even realize it. This is actually a HUGE step on the journey to Conscious Nutrition and will do things for your health you never imagined possible.  Read my post about the Roxtract filtration system and how this living water changed my life!

WHAT ABOUT THE COST? I hear this obstacle often, how expensive the healthy and organic food is, and you know what -you are right. It’s complete lunacy that we should be paying more to purchase and eat food that has NOT been adulterated, sprayed with expensive food killing chemicals, added to, or processed.   However my inner being encourages me to recognize that I can either pay more for my food now, or pay later in the form of illness, dis-ease and medical treatment….. One of my goals is assuring my own highest level of health.  The solution to this one  begins with US and our POWER TO CHOOSE what we give our energy and support to.  If we endeavor to make changes, the ones attempting to control the landscape of food  will have no choice but to change to meet the demands of their customers.  We have to stand up and demand our foods be labeled. We have to care enough to start reading, questioning the labels, & not buying the “dead food”.  We have to come out of our sleeping food coma’s and recognize the level to which we have been duped & then take positive action around it. We have to ask for NO genetically modified foods & to insist they be labeled. We have to stop feeding the factory farming industry of our precious animals.

It starts with each one of us getting in touch with ourselves! I believe in you and I KNOW you can do it!!!  Your body, mind, & Spirit will thank you and reward you for it too!

Water IS the SOURCE Itself

I originally intended to devote at least one post to incorporating plenty of PURE WATER into your life (at least half your body weight in ounces/per day or greater) as part of Rainbow Light Nutrition, but it’s going to take several to get it done!!

There is not one being on this earth that can physically survive without water. We can all go quite awhile without food, but no water, no life. Our bodies are made up of predominantly water (50-75%), and we need at least six to eight glasses/day of water to sustain, heal, refuel, & recharge all of the cells of our body all the way down to the particle (smallest) level. Water represents so many things: our Mother, our emotions, our creativity, the flow of life, that which is in a constant state of fluid change. With water; we purify ourselves, we release, we heal, we recharge, we let go, we are stable, we build, we create!!!!

Water is literally SOURCE energy ITSELF; and deserves deep respect. We live in a time of never experienced before levels of pollution of our air, water, & soils due to our disrespect of Nature, and so it is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain pure sources of water like naturally occuring mineral abundant spring water. This is because we are in the Kali Yuga (the age of darkness), when humans are the most materialistic and the least in alignment with their environment.  Add to that the chemicals that in many cases are at toxic levels in our water, and also being added to our water in varying degrees and toted and marketed as being beneficial like flouride (oooooweeee- that one gets it’s own  future post). In so many parts of the world, humans are experiencing neurological, physical, mental, & emotional problems which are a direct result of the toxicity of the water, and they are causing many unneccessary deaths and debilitating illnesses. We need to create and implement solutions to purifying our water.

So what can we do? First realize that we can take responsibility and steps to obtain the purest water we can get our hands on! It is our birthright as far as I’m concerned. Everyone on this planet should have enough water and food and they should be unadulterated, alive, bursting with Source energy, free of toxic chemicals (pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, pharmaceutical drugs et. al.), and abundant with all the trace minerals originally intended for our bodies.

1.) Realize that bottled water is in most cases no different than tap water in terms of nutrition; and contributes more plastic to an already existing environmental crisis.

2.) Get yourself a re-usable water bottle/s; and know that you are doing yourself and the Earth right. Personally; I am a glass maniac. I love to re-use glass juice bottles. I find water stored in glass bottles tastes delicious!!! My second choice is stainless steel.  I avoid plastic because of the ridiculous amounts of chemicals found in them.

3.) Have your tap water tested. Find out what is in your town drinking water. Find out the exact source of your tap water; and what is being added to it. We just received our Town of Clayton water report and it was a good laugh. The good news is there are people who are banding together in their communities and insisting on the changing of legislation through the removal of flouride in the water. Especially for our infants, who are the greatest risk population when it comes to this issue. KUDOS!!!!

4.) Consider using in your home or business a Roxtract Living Mineral Water filtration system. I can’t say enough amazing things about how this water has changed my health, and the health of my family. We began sleeping better and sounder, some of our health ailments improved , our skin became softer, our immune systems got stronger, & we had tons of increased energy due to this incredible living water!  If you are interested in learning more you can email me at: motherofpearlinstitute@gmail.com.




 Enjoy Soft Skin

Eliminate Toxins

Increased Energy

Enjoy Restful Sleep

No More Acid Reflux

Reduce Arthritis Pain

No More Constipation

 Instantly Hydrate Your Body

Boost Your Immune System

Teach Your Body Homeostasis

No More Bloating Or Water Retention

Increase Efficiency Of Body Functions 

                     Roxtract Water System:

  • We have discovered that these minerals in an ionized form can help hydrate our body much faster than regular water. With our Roxtract Water System, we can deliver ‘living water’ to everybody who invests in this non electric, gravity fed device.
  • There are 22 lab proven minerals in an ionized form. There are also over 40 trace minerals in the Roxtract Solution.
  • The cluster of water molecule will be reduced to 6.5 from 12, which is the size of other kinds of water we label as “dead water.” Reverse osmosis water, distilled water, tap water, purified water are all dead water. Other than hydration, they do little in terms of delivering benefits to our health.
  • Roxtract minerals have the ability to decalcify. Therefore any calcification build-up that takes place within our body will be dissolved. Think of the implication from the dental issues to kidney stones. .
  • Minerals in an ionized form perform fast garbage collection work. That means toxins within our body will be ushered out thru urine, sweat and other transportation methods.
    Roxtract Minerals draw purest oxygen from the water they are in, sending a fresh dosage of oxygen to your body, every time you drink this water. This means that Roxtract water can be stored for eternity.
5.) Look around for a natural mineral/spring water source. Depending on what part of the world you live in; this may be an option. Be a researcher; not just a consumer.
6.) Learn about the effects your thoughts, feelings, words, & prayers have on your water.  I bless all my water in the same way I bless my food beforehand. I’m going to post another blog about the work of Dr. Emoto in Japan and his work with the water molecule because it is amazing, eye opening and inspiring what happens to our water with the awesome power of our mind.  The water IS you, you ARE the water! Get in touch with and connect with what you are drinking.
The relationship you have with water is the most significant relationship in your entire life…….so nurture it!  Invest into it. Love it. Heal yourself with it. Make peace with it.  And of course……DRINK TO YOUR HEALTH!!