Conscious Food Resources

Recommended Nutrition Resources

(some of the books, D.V.Ds, and other sources of media that have impacted my consciousness on this subject in positive, thoughtful, inspiring and health restoring ways)


Superfoods Rx: 14 Foods That Will Change Your Life. Steven G. Pratt & Kathy Matthews. (2006).

Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine. Gabriel Cousens M.D.( 2003).

Conscious Eating. Gabriel Cousens. (2000).

8 Weeks to Optimal Health. Andrew Weil. 2007.


 Food Inc. Eric Schlosser. (2008)

Food Matters. Andrew S. Saul, Charlotte Gerson & Dr. Dan Rogers. (2009)

The Beautiful Truth: The Worlds Simplest Cure For Cancer. Garrett Kroschel, et al. (2008)

The Future of Food. Exequiel Ezcurra, et al. (2007)

Many documentaries such as The Beautiful Truth can be viewed for free here:

Educate, Empower, Enlighten & Understand Thy Self!!

Food, Inc.

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