The Mandala Project

In 2009, I was bursting with Inspiration. I could palpably feel seeds ripening with growth and major transformation inside my Being; and I had no idea how or what they were going to grow into. All I knew was that the next step would be given to me in perfect timing and kept getting  guided to just Be on the journey. I had given birth to my son, & through becoming a Mother again I was ripe with inspiration. And exhaustion.!!!…… Nevertheless,  I  TRUSTED & BELIEVED. 

And so the Mandala Project was born. “Mandalas” are sacred geometric designs, wheels of energy, & portals through which we can see ourselves and our oneness with All That Is. They have been utilized, revered, & co-created through many different faith traditions the world over.

The Divine was inspiring me to create mandalas using the forms of food, flowers, and items from Nature. These designs, shapes, & patterns are in Everything & Everyone & they are reminders of Who We Really Are.  Later, after co-creating some mandalas, I combined a longtime passion for photography by taking pictures of them.

A Gallery will be available soon for and prints for purchase through, and also on my upcoming website. 10% of profits from the purchase of prints will go directly to (M.A Math), or S.M.V.A Trust charitable organizations. Stay tuned!! Please contact OmKa Ra Ma at if you are interested in more information.

The breeze of divine grace is blowing upon us all. But One needs to set the sail to feel the breeze of grace.”-  Ramakrishna


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