A Journey to Food IS Love

I want to share where I came from, & the journey leading to my current relationship with Food IS Love……

I grew up in a rural in upstate NY as an only child, in a family of hunters. They hunted for the meat, not the sport;  & venison (deer) was a staple.

I had many health problems as a child, especially digestive issues. I was  constipated; & painfully bloated. I was also lethargic, and sluggish.  I struggled with my weight from about age 8 onward.  I intuitively knew that something was not working with my diet, and I would later find out I am a natural vegetarian by blood type (A), and cannot properly digest meat of any kind. I tried to compensate for this by eating more potatoes (because they were on my plate at nearly every meal!), which I later became aware I am allergic to.

I felt such pain for the loss of animal life. I remember deer hanging upside down in our garage dripping blood; and my eyes would flood with tears.  I struggled to reconcile this part of me that knew there was a way to survive without eating the meat of other animals. I would pray every time that the helpless & innocent deer wouldn’t be killed, & at the same time felt a reverence for these animals that provided our families sustenance.

As I got a bit older, I tried a couple times to become vegetarian, and there was zero support  since I was a solo veggie “bucking” a very established way of eating and living in my family, so I gave up for a little while…….

In my mid twenties I went through a transformation; & became empowered to take the reigns of my own health and well being back. I became concerned about nutrition, and after the birth of my daughter became vegetarian. I had more energy, I felt lighter, happier; and the #1 side effect- I felt less FEAR! I made the connection that I was eating the fear the animals felt as they were being killed, everytime I consumed any kind of meat.

Gradually, over a period of the next eight years I became an advocate for my own nutrition & an avid researcher. I  went from reading ingredient labels to reading nutrition labels, to eating predominantly whole foods without any need to worry about labels & I tried many different experiments with my diet. I went completely 100% raw vegan for awhile. The 100% raw didn’t quite stick b/c my constitution is predominantly air/ether which means I need some cooked & oily food to balance out all the air. I found after countless experiments that high raw, organic, and local if possible choices support my overall well being and souls growth the best.

During these years I also learned and practiced cleansing, detoxing, and fasting.  I have tried different cleanses, with the most intense being an 11 day Master Cleanser (the lemonade maple syrup cleanse).

I became concerned about the vitamins and minerals I was getting. Especially during and after pregnancy & had various major deficiencies that needed to be addressed as a result of years of eating in a not serving way & eating to grow another living Being.  I researched Holistic Nutrition like crazy. I read a ton of books on a mission to find what was going to serve my highest good.

Then I was led to Ayurveda.  Ayurveda “the science of life” tradition originating in India became what would guide me into what felt like “home” in my relationship with food & the belief that FOOD IS LOVE. I feel deep reverence  and appreciation for my food. I bless it, pray over it.  Every meal is an opportunity to feel the attitude of gratitude.  I have remembered in my own heart that cooking and eating are spiritual practices if I choose for them to be. I  started a small organic garden which is now in it’s third year…. I share my recipes with others because what you give; you receive a thousandfold.

I follow Rainbow Soul Nutrition; my own self-designed, customized nutrition plan that is made up of predominantly (80-90%): fresh organic fruits & vegetables, legumes (beans, lentils, etc.) nuts, seeds, spices, herbs, organic whole grains like (finger millet, quinoa, basmati rice, barley), juices & smoothies, some organic oils/fats like ghee (clarified butter), a little raw, organic, or fermented dairy every once in awhile & lots of pure water. I love almond and coconut milk and coconut water. 

Over time,  I played and learned in the temple of my own human body, mind, & Spirit. My diet is only the simple result of listening and tuning into what my body was signaling me to do next. I discovered many amazing things. I realized there is no perfect diet for all because we are all so uniquely beautiful in our constitution’s and bio-chemical make-up.

I flow more like water now with my diet, in that I am flexible, soft, & tolerant; finding ways around anything hard or bothersome on the path. How could I ever get bored when there are so many colors, aromas, choices, sensations, memories, & feelings when Food IS Love?  I am different every morning when I wake up than the day before, and I love that.  I honor the continuously changing needs of my body……..

Changing our way of eating doesn’t happen overnight. Fortunately, it’s a journey; not a destination. 


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