Inch by Inch, Row by Row

Our garden, and all of Nature really; is one of the greatest teachers. She is always teaching about patience, humility, loving-kindness, self-awareness, sacrifice, truth, non-attachment, gentleness, and so many other wonderful things. What I am l learning from our garden, I simply missed out on during many years of the kind of education requiring tests and textbooks. This education is for life!!! 

Inch by inch, row by row; God bless these seeds I sow.

Those seeds that I sow in the garden of life exist on many different levels. First there is the physical level, the actual seeds which hopefully grow into the vegetables that we eat with gratitude and love and feed our family all summer long. Next there are the emotional seeds, the feelings which I choose to feel, feed, hold onto, prune, or let go of. Gotta pull those pesky weeds. I always have the power of choice……Then there are the thought seeds….. those affirmations in thought or prayer which co-create with intention not only how I perceive the world, but also have the power to change the fabric of the REALITY I live in for better or worse.

The first year we made all the rookie mistakes. Like needing to pot mint, and we are still learning from this three years later as you can see in the above picture! This year; our garden has taught me the importance of timing, neglect, and acceptance. With a busier schedule than usual, and travel; we have missed out on harvesting a few things that went past their “time”. They are feeding the smaller creatures, and eventually will go back to mother earth to be re-created again. We had two tomato plants which simply grew at random due to our use of compost. First, my husband wanted to pull them thinking they were weeds. Then, as they have grown HUGE I have not properly cared for them with the “climbers” they needed to thrive. And I don’t know about you, but I would much rather “thrive” than simply survive.

Am I willing to admit what I may be neglecting  in my life? And, am I also willing to simplify my life by letting things go when the plate is getting too full to properly care for and give everything the attention it deserves? Energy flows where attention goes. In the garden of life energy FLOWING is a beautiful thing. Now; balancing it, directing it, and mastering it…. that’s another post!

Oh yeah, and not being attached to the FRUITS of our labor!



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